CEO OnePlus hints at full metal build for OnePlus 2

As experienced with the OnePlus devices, they are smart interesting devices with many attractive features internally and also on their exterior. The same is expected by the upcoming device of the company, the OnePlus 2 which ahead to launch. The device has a good follow up of its details that were out thru consistent leaks and rumors. But this time we have a leak not by other sources but from companies CEO himself.

As we have been reporting the details out in chunks about the OnePlus 2 device from last few months, we have details of its key parts. The device follows many of its aspects from the predecessors but with upgraded performance alongside the additional features.

From the many sources linked to the company we know that the OnePlus 2 will ship with upgraded version of Snapdragon 810 chipset. It also included fingerprint scanner and comes with improved connectivity with USB Type-C.

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After these many details the CEO of OnePlus teases on his official account on the Chinese networking site Weibo that the device on the list will land with full metal. This explains OnePlus’s program to build the device with full metallic body. Though the mention of full metal is not cleared much we may have some follow up details soon about the design concept.

This is unlike the earlier design concept adopted in the OnePlus One device where we have the polycarbonate body. The OnePlus One offers two options on its back cover, in white and black. The metallic concepts may convey in the body build to replace the polycarbonate of the OnePlus One or it may be limited to metallic chassis. There may be an option of a very similar concept with metallic cover on back.

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We have also discussed yesterday that three OnePlus 2 versions are under consideration with varying features. We may get one of these versions in metallic build but still more details are needed to get posted. Earlier it was also reported that the OnePlus 2 will be equipped with 4GB RAM.

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