CES 2016 Schedule: What to expect from Whome?

After much waiting, CES 2016, the mega event that is set to push much awaited technologies to public, is about to kick off. Like the previous years the CES 2016 opens with a number of surprises besides the much anticipated products from the key manufacturers.

The show is going to be really big, on the 32 million square feet of Las Vegas Convention Center the sections are fully booked. Many have their own venues set up to give their potential customers a completely distinct environment at the heart of the show.

Samsung at CES 2016

Many companies are contenders, with the buckets of their products ready to show off. The expectations are growing higher as the event comes closer. On the mega show you may spend your first day getting familiar with things around. But the second day of the mega show is what you should not miss.

Though the event make it up throughout but the trends shows many get their stocks ready for second day when the show starts gaining momentum. The day after opening of CES 2016 is usually the best day when the key companies are expected to bring their best out of box.

All major players in the world of technology have grouped up to represent their brands on the CES 2016. Also the technology enthusiasts are all there waiting for just the event to kick off. Right there before the event is open you can locate Samsung, Huawei, LG and ZTE have set their stuff up at Mandalay Bay.

Sony being among the key players has staged its show off in the central hall of the convention center. Some other names including Lenovo, Alcatel, AT&T, BLU and others are also found nearby. From all these players and others too, a lot of stuff is about to show off, just stay with us for key updates from the CES 2016. We will keep update this story as the more news emerge.

CES 2016 Schedule:

Consumer Electronics Show has a long history from Chicago to Las Vegas where it has been hosting the big names in the technology world since 1978. Since then, opening up with every New Year the CES has the attention of technology enthusiasts from all around the globe.

Again it is January of 2016 and the crowd is already building up at Las Vegas Convention Center where everything is set for the CES 2016. The details from last year’s CES show that the event attracted over 170,000 visitors with about 3,600 exhibitors. This year the hype is much greater and the numbers are also expected to go higher.

There is much to cover on the event but here we have summed up some key events that are scheduled to run from opening to closing day. The show opens on January 4 where a number of separate events are held to introduce different products and announce plans for the year 2016.

While first day is going mostly to introductions and minor stuffs, the real show off is scheduled for second day on 5th of January. The second day is really our day when we have the key names ready for surprises. The key companies including Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei and ZTE are going to hold their press conferences on the day. While some of them have hinted out about their products others have kept silence.

Both Samsung and LG have refrained from letting out any info about the products they are going to unveil at the CES 2016. With their product list kept secret on second day they have press conferences scheduled where they will finally bring the best they have.

For Sony, Huawei and ZTE we have some expected names on the list which include Sony Z5 Ultra, Huawei’s 6-inch Mate 8 and upgraded model of ZTE’s Axon line up. On third day we have the BLU holding a conference, however its products are also not listed yet.

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