Change in Apple Watch heart rate tracking intentionally, confirms Apple

Apple Watch users reported an inconsistent behavior from their Apple watch heart rate tracking after receiving first Watch OS update for the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch heart rate tracker was observed building slightly different results which was thought by its users initially as a bug. But Apple has now cleared it out that it is not more than an official upgrade in the feature by the company.

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According to a clarification on the support page of Apple it is said that the change in the Apple Watch heart rate sensors was made intentionally. Apple has made the certain changes in many of its apps functions to extend Apple Watch battery life.

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Apple Watch will still give you the updates of your heart rate after every 10 minutes but if you are doing any physical activity and want to read your increasing heart beat then you need to set up your Watch first. After you have set your app for exercise or activity it will start counting your heart beats thorough and will show you results in every 10 seconds. And if you don’t want to wait for 10 seconds regular counts you can use its Glance features which give tell you your heart rate at any instance.

Many of the users have been using the Apple Watch heart rate feature without any complain as it was providing accurate and timely results. All such users found this alteration as lose in Watch’s functionality.

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As we mentioned earlier the changes were most probably concerned with the battery timing of the Apple Watch. Though there have been complaints regarding the battery timing of the Watch but it has not been a primary concern for its users. But mostly the Apple Watch users have been more satisfied with services of its heart beat reading and a little more battery consumption instead of any such change in the app.

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