Charging OnePlus One unit allegedly explodes

OnePlus One is counted among the reputable smartphones in the mid-range market but it has mostly been discussed because of its issues. The device joins up a smart selection of features and specs that has created its demand among the smartphones users. But the issues surfacing timely are creating a challenging time for the OnePlus. Here we have another issue that has cost its unlucky user from India as the device allegedly went off.

OnePlus One : An Android Phone with high performance and low prices

According to reports from India one of its users went through the sad and alarming incident. The man allegedly not only lost its device but also met an unexpected and unwanted situation. According to the details the users put the device on charge and after a time it was found in smoke. It is reported that the device met a sudden explosion while charging. The device was a OnePlus One‘s 64GB unit that was recently purchased according to its user.

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The device was located by its owner only after he found the smoke and then following he realized the real scene. Therefore it was not ascertained that what actually caused the incident. But still at the first look on the device it can be seen clearly that the impact of damage lies with the battery.

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The pictures provided by the owner of the alleged OnePlus One show a burned circuit board that is mostly affected at battery site. It is likely that the battery of the device went off while it was kept on charging.

OnePlus-One-unit-allegedly-explodes-while-charging back view

OnePlus-One-unit-allegedly-explodes-while-charging front view OnePlus-One-unit-allegedly-explodes-while-charging


The user has approached the customer care with the damaged device. The service center has assured him of replacement under conditions. But according to the affected customer the incident has been disturbing and just a replacement may cause the same incident to happen again. Thus he wants the company to assure that the issue is not with the device at all. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.