Cicret, a smart bracelet to run Android on your Wrist

With the rise of wearable bracelet, we get every day different new gadgets either released in market or either getting ready to be released. The wearable craze is that high that Apple announced the release of its Apple Watch which is expected next year.

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With Smartwatches like Samsung Galaxy Gear, Motorola Moto 360, LG Gear and Apple Watch, we are also getting stories about Google Glasses as well. One other key development is being made these days in the form of smart bracelet which will enable your smartphone on your hands.


Cicret is a smart bracelet or a smart wearable which will allow you to run your smartphone GUI on your hands as depicted in the images. Cicret is not a smartwatch or a phone but a bracelet which runs Android OS with the help of a pico projector and multiple sensors. All you have to do is tapping your wrist instead of your smartphone and you can start using Android on your arms.

Cicret which is only a prototype yet and all the images are mocked up only is a projector which projects the images on your wrist with the bracelet to use Android.

Cicret which has already launched an app for securing messaging is only accepting donations at its own site and is not taking part in crowd funding till now. The idea is so cool that before its launch different fake claims are being made for selling such bracelets.

The major components of the cicret bracelet will be multiple long range sensors, pico projector, accelerometer, processor, ROM and memory card for storage and other necessary peripherals required to run any gadget.


Although wearable devices’ future is unpredictable right now and any wearable has not hit the market with success, companies are focusing on them considering a real opportunity in the future.

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