A Closer look at Windows 10


Microsoft finally unveiled its new operating system the ‘Windows 10.’ That aims to provide something from the bests of the Windows 7 and windows 8, which will bring on one place the mobile and cloud computing.

It has made friendly for all types of the users from the enterprise, keyboard and mouse users and those relaying on touch. It will also provide a single interface on all devices with display of 4-nch to 80-inch, in size.

Microsoft, at its event on first October, made the Windows 10 Technical Preview available to the users for testing, while its finish is expected a year latter.


Microsoft was much aware of the customer’s discontent with its earlier windows 8 as it lacks at some basic and much demanded features. This weakness of the windows 8 made the users to hang on with the earlier windows 7 despite of its massy functioning. Here with the new announcement Microsoft has focused to fill all the blanks by windows 8, so the Windows 10 is to entice all the users who were put off by the earlier windows.


There were rumors about the name of new windows that it is the windows 9. But all those were made falls as it comes to be the windows 10, another move by Microsoft to not follow the traditional numbering. Those who have experience with the launches of Microsoft will be expecting it before; as it has done the same in the release of its new Xbox which names Xbox One despite that it was released following the Xbox 360 or Xbox two.


October one was the date of announcement but it was mad clear that it’s not going to launch soon. The users of the Microsoft windows has been waiting for something different since the they experienced the windows 8, but the time yet not came, the launch is not expected until the mid of 2015. Since then it would go through the testing period which is no doubt the longest text period as compared with the earlier releases.

Though most number of the Microsoft users would buy the new windows with their new PC, but it is also available for those who are feeling the thrill to experience it early without waiting for so long. Microsoft has allowed the users for early preview, by login in to its website and registering for the preview of the new windows.

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No doubt that it will not be the same windows 8, though it is somehow the complete opposite case. It will not do some frustrating steps of windows 8 like showing the tricky charm bar as the mouse move to a corner. Similarly the familiar Start Screen of the earlier windows which was never wanted by most of the PC users now will not automatically appear on start, though for touch users, they can avail it manually.

Instead of these unwanted tricks of windows 8, Microsoft has now greeted its users with the Windows desktop and Start Menu, as they were there in windows 7 and the earlier windows. Still it is in the test period but on this stage it resembles much with windows 7 with improved desktop, start menu and other functions.


Windows 10 Start menu
Let’s memorize the launch of windows 8, user were surprised and ‘where is the start menu!’ was the initial response. Microsoft did knew it but they still went for this experience as the Windows 8 was based on mostly touch interface and also it tried to bring together the mobile and PC on one place.

But it didn’t work, so now the start menu is back again which seems to be the most important addition in the new windows. That will act the same way as it did in windows 7 and the all other windows, but it is not that old start menu any more. It is a modernized Start Menu which is customizable so the users are the masters, they can resize the start menu, pin and unpin the apps or they can change the colors and the background of the start menu to match with the desktop.

The Start screen of Windows 8 is not forgotten, it’s also present there in the start menu, with the same Live Tiles, resizable and updated. You can check your mail, Calendar and all info on other apps just through the start menu.


Task View
Similar to the X Expose of the Apple Operating System, the new windows 10 has the multitasking view feature. It is triggered by the new Task View button which will lead you into a multitasking view where multiple desktops are available. It is than easy to switch between multiple desktops and manage multiple apps on different workspaces.

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This feature was always needed in the Microsoft Windows, and here Microsoft did some hard work to borrow the element from its rival operating systems. Though it is not identical or a copy of what is there with its competitor.

There is another big user interface feature; the multi monitor setup which will create many windows on the single monitor. It works same as the function of Alt+Tab. In the new windows 10 a button is put on the task bar and it can also be triggered by pressing windows key+ tab.


windows 10 multi desktop
Apps can be snap similarly as they were in windows 7 and windows 8 but with the windows 10 the new prompt is here which will assist by suggesting the similar apps that can be snapped alongside.

Using the Snap Assist it’s possible in Windows 10 to dynamically resize the apps. It’s unlike Windows 8 where the snap size was fixed due to which the app takes up half of the monitor screen which was unnecessary. Now in Windows 10 user can snap four apps on the single screen.

It has an enhanced snapping feature that will resize the windows so they come on the desktop with the proper size. It will allow the tilling of the window where aps can come snapping side-by-side. It sound much convenient to Snap any document to either side of screen or the Snap Assist will come with the suggestion of other similar apps.


Starting with the windows 8, Microsoft focuses on mobile and touch users. The users with touch need more instructiveness and also a better user interface. While the windows 8 was not a good example but in its later upgrades the user interface was enhanced. The new windows 10 also have an interactive interface with drop shadows and the new bar to indicate the active apps. Some of its icons are also changed but still other remains same.


windows 10 continum
Windows 10 is no doubt an attempt to bring both touch and time on one place. For this it has added the feature of continuum which is good in detecting either your computer is running with a keyboard and mouse or it is a touch, it will change the interface of certain apps depending on the computer. Now with this feature you don’t needs to worry about the experiences of windows 8 where there was only touch interface while the system was running with key board and mouse.

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Now the windows can run universal apps on the desktop. Microsoft is now trying to bring one window for all the devices. For this purpose the universal app are available on windows store, these apps can run on all Windows platforms, including smartphones.

Though Microsoft has been talking about this initiative over a year but how it will function is still not known. One of the expectations judge that it is likely to have the features of mobile operating system with a condensed version for Windows smartphone and a full version that will work on the tablets and computers.


Windows 10 is one for all
Since the windows 8, the operating systems of Microsoft are not anymore only desktops software’s. Its new Windows 10 is going to do much more to unify PCs, tablets and smartphones all running on windows OS. These all will now have a single interface and will be operating on a single account.


Searching for the files, apps and functions is used as a preferred way instead navigating thought the directories. While the universal search was incorporated with windows 8 but it was not an ideal feature as it didn’t worked much. In windows 10 as showed in the technical preview, the universal search is added to the taskbar which will assist user without going for the start screen as it was in windows 8. It will also display the recently used files and folders that will make the file search faster and easier.


Windows 10 was much waited by the users. Though still we have only the technical preview but it shows various signs of improvement and seems like Microsoft have got what users were missing in the windows 8. The users might be hope full to expect a much improved and well finished windows 10, that might became the best for their pc, tablet and the smartphones.

It is expected with regular updates, in coming months which will show the further potentials of the new windows. Till now the windows 10 is actually a windows 7 which is improving on the bases of windows 8.

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