Coca-Cola introduces Google cardboard style VR viewer

Virtually Reality is gaining popularity with new firms showing interest into the new tech while some practically joining the race. There are many dedicated VR headsets that can give you the ultimate virtual reality experience. But VR is not restricted to the dedicated headsets as there are DIY projects too that enable you to experience virtual reality at a lower cost. One of such project is now introduced by Coca-Cola which brings the interesting technology closer to the masses.

This was initiated by Google back in 2014 when during its I/O event it launched the Cardboard. Google’s Cardboard is a do it yourself project which you can purchase at low prices and assemble yourself. It is basically made of cardboard which you can assemble easily without any difficulty. Coca-Cola seems to have adopted Google’s concept but with its own touch. In a released video Coca-Cola shows how you can convert empty boxes of your Coke into a cardboard like VR viewer.

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coke vr cardboard

Coca-Cole made up its turn in the VR world with an apparently recycling process where it urges users to convert its used products into interesting things. The video shows the same where you can use the empty Coke boxes in different ways to transform them into fully legit VR viewers. The video shows Coca-Cola toying with the idea of Virtual Reality making it a fun to have a virtual reality viewer. As Coke is available to all of us, you can easily find a box to convert it into a VR viewer.

It is no doubt the first virtual reality viewer which is made from recycled packaging which you can use in three different ways. You can use the box of a 12-can fridge pack, a custom pack which is the simplest way, or the stand alone kit. Like Google Cardboard, after assembling it you just need to place your smartphone inside and experience the virtually realty world.

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