Windows 10 consumer preview set to release

Microsoft is moving forward with its latest windows 10 by revealing much more before its final launch. After releasing the technical preview of Windows 10 this winter now Microsoft is ready to unveil its consumer side in a grand event. Windows users will have to wait till 21st of the January 2015 to watch the full show. The company has also announced to bring together its key personalities including the CEO Satya Nadella on the day of preview.

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Currently users have the technical preview of Windows 10 but as Microsoft has repeatedly clarified, its technical preview is a small part of the big launch. We will also be missing the final release on this event. As per the company released schedule, we would have some consumer-friendly features to add up in the technical preview of Windows 10. In short, Microsoft is making its release in three parts by initially releasing the Operating System for the technical preview, then for consumers and finally the release for developers.

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Microsoft has planned the event around the last days of the upcoming month of January. We are also expecting the consumer electronics show around the same date but Microsoft is going to hold a separate event with its key personalities to unveil the consumer preview of windows 10.

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The event will be broadcasted live and will be streamed to the millions of its enthusiasts waiting for the windows 10 updates. Similar to earlier reviews of Windows 8 we have also experienced some warm reviews at the release of the technical preview of Windows 10. However, the later the irksome functions of Windows 8 cost it much. After that experience it seems to be a good step to rehabilitate Windows brand with step wise improvements. It can make Windows 10 different and palatable to the market than it’s the Windows 8. Therefore, this New Year will see the same Windows 10 with improvements instead of a new Windows.

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Unlike the San Francisco event which last for an hour the new event is expected to be more significant. There are many features which can open for discussion on the event including the improved touch interface of the windows 10. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.