This Cover turns your iPhone 6 into an iPod Classic

Apple has break off to make the iPod classic. The iPod classic may have been died now, but its inheritance still lives on, many people are still huge admirer of the classic iPods and its click wheel. If you are one of these people then you would be glad to see a concept of flip case by Claudio Gomboli.

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Claudio Gomboli has made an attractive clever cover concept for the latest iPhones, which can turn your iPhone into an old iPod Standard. Gomboli has made iPod Cover concept for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. His stylish Cover concept is a flip cover for the iPhones with a front panel which would remind you of the iPod Classic, with a rectangular slot for the screen, and a click wheel. These cover will turn your latest iPhone into traditionally iPod.

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The Gomboli’s cover concept for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus also has a special iPod mode, at special iPod mode the UI is optimised for the smaller, rectangular portion of the screen which can be visible. The mode gets activated when the flap is closed. The click wheel is predictable to be interactive, and can be used to navigate through the iPod interface.

The old iPod UI mode was focused towards music, but now it has role of playing screen, and not only that it can also show notifications, and widgets for Calendar, Maps and Weather. Just same as the iPod touch, the designer showed the covers in various, dazzling colors.


Claudio Gomboli has done remarkably well for the ipods lover, these covers remind us the classic iPods. The iPods lover will definitely be grateful to the designer, but at the moment it is just a concept. It means we are not going to see it selling in the market.

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