Cricket Wireless, first to introduces Lumia 640 in the US

Microsoft Lumia 640 after a short journey in some regions now is ready for the US customers and the flag holder this time is set to be the AT&T subsidiary Cricket. The Lumia 640 was launched recently with the Lumia 640 XL, its larger size variant. Both devices have already been released in different markets in April this year since their release at MWC 2015.

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The Cricket Wireless now seems ready to bring Lumia 640 with its amazing features and affordable rates to the stores in US as well. The AT&T child company has updated its page for the Lumia 640 and made it available for its customers. However, the prices it listed on its page might be a little disappointing for many. Cricket presents a bit higher price tag than the initially listed prices on the Microsoft store.

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Along with a little surprise in higher prices the launch in the US by Cricket was also surprising for many. In April when it initially arrived in other markets, there had been signs that it would be the T-Mobile to bring the Lumia 640 to the US customers. The T-Mobile was first to show hints about its arrival in US by showing coming soon on its page related to the Microsoft store as well.

Microsoft Lumia 640 Specifications

However, the T-Mobile is yet to make anything confirmed, the Cricket wireless took the lead and launched the Lumia 640. Cricket is initially offering the Microsoft Lumia 640 in only cyan color. This might be again disappointing for all those users who are fond of Microsoft Lumia’s colorful concepts. However, the device is also featured in black, orange and white colors, on the Microsoft Store.

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Against many high-end smartphones in the market the Nokia Lumia 640 stands with affordable range. However, it has much to offer to its range of customers. Also with its latest arrival in the US market there are many offers which can attract number of customers. For instance, Cricket is offering one-year Office 365 bundle for the customers who are going to purchase the Lumia 640 before the end of June.

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