Cyanogen OS 12.1 testing for the OnePlus, expected soon

Cyanogen OS similar to the CyanogenMod in its progress is spreading to the potential devices with a remarkable speed. After making its way clear to the key devices now it is testing for another important device on the list, the OnePlus One.

You will get the Cyanogen OS on the OnePlus One sooner but you may not experience any update for the Android 5.1 until the arrival of the OnePlus two, the upcoming launch following the OnePlus One. This was made public by the OnePlus sources on a forum while talking about the updates remaining in the pipeline.

According to the details unveiled by the OnePlus the Cayngoen OS 12.1 will be only available after it gets ready to launch the OnePlus two device. The forum taking to the discussion was concerned with the updates for the OnePlus One. This also point out to the early arrival of the OnePlus two as the company may not be willing to put its users, waiting for Cayngoen OS 12.1 on hold for any long.

The Cayngoen OS 12.1 version is made on the base of the source code of Android 5.1 therefore transferring the updates features on the Android’s latest operating system with CyanogenMod experience. According to the OnePlus source the Cyanogen OS 12.1 is currently testing for the OnePlus One and will be released for customers after Google certification which is mandatory for all the Android based OS.

The OnePlus team is right now busy with its upcoming OnePlus two device which is expected with updated software. The OnePlus source claimed many improvements and new features on which the team has been working hard. Currently the OnePlus One users are informed regarding the fixes the touch screen issues on their devices. The Cyanogen OS 12.1 will not only bring new features but will also provide fixes for the recently reported issues.

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