Diamond-encrusted Apple Watch set for preorder

Apple products are no doubt most expensive in their respective market. But their prices probably sound extravagant after crossing a certain range. Looking at the upcoming Apple Watch, we may consider at crossing the range even at $5,000. But this high price is still nothing when compared with $30,000.

Mervis Diamond Importers have just announced its plane for this, a diamond-encrusted Apple Watch that will be available at $30,000. It has just started preorders for this lavish Watch. Initially it is said to cost more than $30,150 which equals £19,250 and AU$36,730.
The buyers are not yet to receive the official Apple Watch or this Diamond-encrusted piece. As it is expected for delivery in mid of 2015 its designers seems waiting for even more buyers turning to it. They well surely not want to let users back from putting some cash on this amazing Smartwatch. This is something which can make the official Apple Watch at $350, looking a really cheap product.

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This luxury Smartwatch is however not pushed by Apple itself. Instead, Mervis Diamond importers are planning this on their own like their previously similar practices. We have seen the Mervis bringing a $20,000 diamond version of iPad in 2010 before its official launch.

The Diamond-encrusted Apple Watch is also expected in limited edition with just about five to ten models. With this limited edition Mervis seems to provide something special to the Luxury shoppers who have already experienced the Mervis in the luxurious iPad.
iPhone 6 in Gold
Some people might find this a bit outrageous as the $350 Apple Watch is also comparatively high in price. However, when compared with some other luxurious products it looks reasonable. For instance, the gold-plated British racing bike cost $400,000 and the iPhone 6 emblazoned with a huge pink diamond cost at $48.5 million.

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The concept image of this custom luxury edition was made available by Mervis. It shows the 18-karat rose gold model with eight rows of round diamonds. Apart from gold model Mervis is also going to offer it in platinum with different prices.

Expecting a high demand from the luxury buyers this Diamond-encrusted Apple Watch can be preordered from the Mervis’ website.

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