European Versions of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge appear on the Geekbench

Samsung Galaxy S7 once again appears on the Geekbench, this time it is the European version. Earlier the Galaxy S7 was tested with its performance level for the North American users. The new model appears with little lower score but it seems comparatively good enough for the European market.

In the earlier benchmarks on Geekbench, the Galaxy S7 for North America was displayed with model number of SM-G930W8. The device scored better with Samsung’s Exynos 8890 chipset in single-core and multi-core options. As per the results the single-core Galaxy S7 has attained 1873 points while its multi-core score was at 5946 points.

As the Geekbench database shows about the European model of Galaxy S7, there would be the same Exnos 8890 chipset. The device appears with the model number of SM-G930F which is being considered as the Galaxy S7, distinguished for the European smartphone market. Though the device contains the same chipset but the benchmarking score is little lower than the North American model.

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Galaxy S7

According to the Geekbench scores, the European Galaxy S7 in single-core made up 1358 points while the multi-core score is at 4911 points. We can notice the difference after comparing the single-core and multi-core scores against the North American model. But, taking into consideration the European version of Galaxy S7 edge, the scores are quite acceptable.

Besides the North American version of Galaxy S7, the European Galaxy S7 edge was also put through the Geekbench recently. As per the results, the Galaxy S7 edge with model number of SM-G935F secured 1363 pints in single-core and 4951 points in multi-core option. The results are quite same but it is yet not clear on which basis both models were put as much close. The Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge are expected for the launch on February 21, a day before the MWC begins in Barcelona.

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