Evie launcher brings iOS-like search to the Android homescreen

The best part about Android smartphones is that you can customize them however you like with a custom launcher. With just a small app, you can easily change the appearance of your device. In recent years there have been numerous great launchers available for Android. Lately, a new one has popped up that brings something new to the table. The new launcher is called Evie.

At initial glance, Evie is just a standard launcher without an app drawer. But, the star of this launcher is the universal search functionality. To search, all you need to do is swipe down on your device.


Initially, the universal search feature on the home screen might not seem like a big deal to most users. But, once you start using it you will realize its benefits and how easy it makes things. However, if you are a dedicated Google Now user then you can easily swipe upward on the home screen to launch the service.

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The standard design of the Evie launcher is pretty average except for some key changes. The most noticeable one is that the app drawer has been moved from its usual location and is now available with a left swipe on the home screen. If you are used to the typical app drawer placement, it will take some time to get used to this. All the Widgets and launcher setting are also located inside the app drawer. Folders have also gotten a new look. Overall the launcher exhibits a slight iOS tone and it blends well with Android N.

The Performance of the Evie launcher is also amazing. Even if you are running a preview OS like the Android N, the launcher works as fast as any other launcher available these days. Moreover, the Evie launcher also comes with complete icon pack support but, the best part is that Evie is a 100% free. The launcher is not riddled with any ads. Evie also doesn’t include any in-app purchases. The launcher gives a simple fun, free, and fast launcher experience. The Evie launcher is available for download on the Google Play Store.

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