Xiaomi’s new Marketing Campaign, Exchange iPhone 5s with Xiaomi Mi Note for free !!

Xiaomi is planning to launch a marketing campaign for its Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi Note Pro which will allow iPhone users to exchange their iPhones with Mi Note and Mi Note Pro. Does not this sound crazy to you?? Yes this is, but the inside story says Xiaomi has planned all things in this regards already.

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Despite there is no such official news that Xiaomi is going to launch ‘Exchange Programe’, Xiaomi’s Media Director revealed a tip about this. iPhone users will be able to exchange their iPhone 5s or previous iPhones, no matter in what condition with Xiaomi Mi Note for free. And if any of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus user wants a trade he will get Xiaomi Mi Note Pro for free!

Xiaomi has certainly learnt the art of living in the news and the Chinese tech giant is progressing very fast and growing rapidly. Earlier we learnt about Xiaomi’s successful launch in Indian market, then Xiaomi surpassed Motorola and Sony, revenue wise and became the third largest smartphones seller in the world. And now this bold step of marketing is certainly going to benefit Xiaomi in much better ways.

Xiaomi announced Mi Note and Mi Note Pro last week and entered into the race of phablets where already, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Google Nexus 6 are leading the market. But when we compare the specs of Xiaomi Mi Note with others, we see a beast inside the Mi Note for very cheap prices as compared to the high prices of Galaxy Note and iPhone 6 Plus.


In order to allow iPhone users to exchange their iPhones with Xiaomi Note, Xiaomi has introduced some changes in the hardware and Software of its upcoming flagship device. Xiaomi Mi Note has dual-SIM slot. One obviously for micro-SIM card and other will allows users either to place Nano SIM cards or micro-SD card, which means iPhone users can move to Xiaomi Mi Note without replacing their SIM card. Xiaomi Development team is also making an app, for Apple’s App Store, which will make it like a pie cake to move your important data from iPhones to Xiaomi Mi Note.

In the first go, this seems as an attempt to create space for its devices in other countries. But this is really an impressive and bold move by Xiaomi. Will this market campaign be launched or not, what will be the results of this move if it is launched, will Xiaomi manage to earn some loyal iPhone customers or not, there are so many questions like these in the minds.

But One thing is clear, if Xiaomi the ‘Apple of China’ gets success in this regards, no one will be able to save Apple from getting the tag of ‘Xiaomi of USA’!!

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