Exclusive Offer: Get LG G4 for just $499.99 on eBay

LG may not be doing good selling its LG G4 device but a current offer made on eBay seem to attract a number of smartphone users. With a discount prices of $499.99 the LG G4 on eBay proves being a device with high end features and mid prices which you can’t ignore at all. You may confuse the prices with those of locked devices but what you will get on eBay is an unlocked device.

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You may not expect the device on these prices after having a touch on the internal specs and features you can attain on the LG G4. Contrary to unfortunate sale it experience at first place, LG seems to have put all of its expertise and efforts to bring the best to the smartphone market.

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Considering the internal specs of the LG G4 you can find a large display with QHD results that give you the LG tradition of impressive screen. The expertise of LG also range to inside of the device as you can find the Snapdragon 808 chipset running the device with smoothest performance. The memory and storage options are also kept at the same heights. With internal storage of 32 GB you will forget the limits.

Among all these you can find its camera with high power lens and extremely impressive results. You may have seen many high end devices not going far than 8 megapixels camera but LG G4 gives you the snaps on a 16 megapixels camera. The OIS camera on G4 is truly the reflection of the camera expertise attained by LG on its smartphones.

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The LG G4 offered on the eBay carries the European model’s outlook which you can get easily from markets there. With the very same discounted prices the G4 is offered with metallic gray and golden versions. Holding its very specialties on the discounted prices the LG G4 on eBay sounds a good option for smartphone users.


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