Facebook Lite for faster Facebook experience on 2G network

There is good news for such people who couldn’t use Facebook due to weak internet connectivity. Facebook has launched its new application, the Facebook Lite, for those billion users who were unable to use main app due to slow internet speed. Facebook’s main app is very heavy that provide you complete services.

Millions of people are connected to each other using the social media app but due to its network requirements it has been irksome for most of its users. As a huge part of its users are from the areas where there is no 3G or LTE connectivity.

After number of observation the Facebook inc. came to the result that there are 4 million people who use the app on 2G network which moved the company to this step. Following this the company decided to build a Facebook app which may require less network speed and run normally on 2G internet connection.

After struggle of a year, company finally gets ready to complete the dream of its users by launching the Lite version of its application. The version of app is named as Facebook Lite App. The app is not specific for any platform but works with all platforms and almost internet supported mobiles. The app don’t requires any big RAM, CPU and storage. The app is just 1MB in size and takes no time to download and also to run with all its features.

Facebook Lite is available at Google Play Store for all Android Smartphones. Using the Facebook Lite the Smartphones users in underdeveloped areas with no 3G or LTE can use Facebook services easily. This brings the 4 billion people into the circle of Facebook users. They all while remaining on the 2G network can utilize all update their status, share others, make comments and also chat using messenger service.

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