Facebook to introduce Moneypenny against Siri

The Facebook Inc. has proved itself with competitive moves that have made it the top social networking platform. Initially beating all, Facebook emerged as the key social networking that was followed by increasing number of services that were introduced or acquired by the company, extending its scope globally.

But that was never the end as Facebook is ready to expend more and now it is planning to challenge another popular service. After making it in the massaging and found transfer the social networking giant is now looking for virtual assistant services. The virtual assistant arena is right now captured by Apple’s Siri which has competitors. There is also the Microsoft Cortana with some other similes services in the market.

According to the reports Facebook is working to bring its virtual assistant app that will be based on Messenger and will set against the Siri. The service which is codenamed as Moneypenny is focused on the features and services to beat Apple in the particular segment of market.

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It will be another great move by Facebook and will change the nature of its many services and may help transforming the messenger and other services accordingly. Considering the features of the Siri it will however not be an easy task. Apple holds its market position following with its iPhone, iPads and other devices that are joined by Apple’s own operating system and apps. This is unlike the other similar services which mostly offer the similar features.

Right now we have a few details about Facebook’s plans but it is likely that the company will try to bring its own idea by including something new in its new service. There are also reviews which suggest that Facebook may introduce personal response rather than computer response like other virtual assistant apps. The release date is also not hinted yet therefore we need to wait for more.

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Source: 9to5Google

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