Facebook will now Allow to use GIFs and Videos as Profile Picture

Users are getting bored on Facebook more and more especially since Facebook has limited the organic reach and is showing controlled stuff to the users on their news feed. But Facebook is now planning to introduce some bigger changes to the design of its network and we are going to see five major changes specific to the user profiles. According to an estimate these changes will be viewed 4 billion times daily. Following are the changes specific to user profile which Facebook is bringing to its users.

1) Allowing users to use Temporary Profile Pics
2) Pinning the featured photos and links to the top of the profile
3) Allowing to use a 7 second video or a GIF as Profile Pic
4) Changes in the About section
5) Mobile Specific Changes

Looking into details, what one understands is the focus of Facebook is shifting towards more dynamic and animated content like auto-play video feature and other changes with the main focus around the user profiles.
In all the above new features, the most excited feature is the Profile Videos feature which will let you upload a 7 second video and use it as profile looping video. One will be allowed to record a short video with sound as well and this looping video will be auto-play with no sound in real time. Similarly one will be able to select up to five photos and make them featured photos so they will be pinned at the top section of user profile.


Keeping these changes aside, Facebook is not alone in this arena who is making the changes to get more attention, social media is losing the appeal and charm once it had for the users. Twitter is also struggling the same and is now thinking of bringing bigger changes to its platform including the decision to remove the limit of 140 characters. We have seen some major changes by YouTube including the 360 degree videos and some other changes but the innovations which attracts users is missing in these changes still and it looks like sooner a new social media network will emerge and take place of the existing ones.
According to the reports Facebook has already started rolling out these features for some users.


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