Feel QWERTY on the Android flavored BlackBerry Venice

BlackBerry is up in the market with its QWERTY Slider concept that is expected with the BlackBerry Venice device. Many reports, leaks and rumors are there to explain the concept by the famous Canadian smartphone makers. Earlier we have found a video going viral that show some detailed images with side view of QWERTY on the BlackBerry Venice.

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Earlier videos show the BlackBerry Venice device into two different flavors. Among the duo one device is reported to bring the Android OS to BlackBerry device while the second one will load the latest BlackBerry 10 Operating System. Here we have another lead that tells more about the waited BlackBerry models.

Fresh leaks include a GIF animation which describes the features of the BlackBerry Venice in five seconds. It can be clearly seen in the short leaked GIF that the Venice is running Android. Apart from the introduction of the Android OS on the device the leaks also show the QWERTY keyboard of the Venice.

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BlackBerry has not mentioned any date to expect its new devices in the market but reports from various sources suggest the launch in next months. Right now November is reported the month for BlackBerry event where the company is said to launch both varieties of the Venice with some other devices.

Blackberry Venice

The November launch seems good as it can get to the holiday season which has already been good for BlackBerry last year. Also the season will see some nice devices from other venders. BlackBerry is also set to push the device to all key US carriers with its arrival in the market. Thus we can expect a large scale show by BlackBerry this season.

The BlackBerry Venice with Android OS has got a good response in the market even before its arrival. The move by BlackBerry is getting appreciation by Android. The BlackBerry Venice is expected to bring the BlackBerry flavor into the Android world into a unique way.

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