Finding lost iPhone is easy even if the battery is dead

Apple iPhones are the most expensive smartphones in the market. And the iPhone users well know the price of losing their iPhone. Therefore what they need the most after having their expensive iPhone, is the way to get it back. Here Apple comes with its helpful features. And thanks to the features added in iOS, now locating a lost iPhone, iPad or iPod is easier than ever.

You might have been familiar with the integral feature of Find My iPhone, it can work to find your lost iPhone but there is a small trouble. Like most of the good smartphone features it requires the device to be switched on, which is probably not possible in most circumstances. But there is no need to be disappointed, by being a little tricky you can increase the possibilities of locate your iPhone even if it’s switched off or even the battery is pulled off.

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Yes, the same Find MY iPhone feature does it but with a little toggle. The Send Last Location toggle is included into Apple devices with the new iOS 8. This toggle enables the frequent log of your device’s GPS location. With this option whenever your battery comes to its last lag it will push the location details to the Find My iPhone. Thus, you can know the last location of your phone before it lost the battery.

Now, if you have already activated the Find My iPhone features then you can easily toggle to this option by following the simple setup we are narrating bellow.


1st Step: Follow the setting on your iPhone and navigate to iCloud where you can see the Find My iPhone by scrolling down.

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2nd Step: From here, first confirm that the Find My iPhone option is set to ON. After this you can go to the Send Last Location feature and just toggle it ON as well.

From here we are done. However, till your iPhone is working it only shows the last point of contact with iCloud. But if you have lost it somewhere then this will provide you with very helpful clues about the last location of your phone. It is helpful even if the location is changed after losing the battery. You can then simply determine the area where you can look for it. It will surely increase the chances of getting it back. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.