First iOS 9 beta is available for everyone now

Apple made its First iOS 9 available to everyone now, after its successful test from developers, it was not made available to public, but after the handover of third iOS 9, the company decided to make the first iOS 9 to be available for the customers, therefore, now the customers of Apple can get the first iOS 9 for their use, said Apple.

First iOS 9 can be used in all iOS 9 devices like iPad, iPod touch of fifth generation, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 including the variants and next versions of all mentioned iOS 9 suppoting devices.

First iOS 9 has many similarities to third iOS 9, just few things differ them from one another, as Apple Music and Beat 1 upgradation are available in both of them along with other all necessary apps which are present in updated ststus.

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The First iOS 9 can be considered as the trail operating system for the third iOS 9 which has been handed over to the developers on July 8, 2015 which will be made public after its successful results. Till the release of third iOS 9, users can do their practice for third iOS on the fisrt iOS.

It is definitely tough waiting for the third iOS 9, but the presence of the first iOS 9 would replace it for some extent and would assist the users to feel calmly because they will get it soon and it will soon accompany you as your high tech operating system.

According to the reports that the third iOS 9 has got lots of upgradation such as Apple Music, Apple News, separate folders in Photo App for Selfie and Screenshots, a new music option which can be used during existence of the cellular connection, the size of iPad folders has been increased from 3×3 to 4×4 and revamped two-factors authentication with iOS 9 and Captain of OS X EI.

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