Fitbit’s new update improves sleep tracking

Fitbit is currently the leader of fitness trackers market. The company has released some very innovative and efficient fitness bands. But, most of us can agree that there is still a lot of room for improvement in various areas. One of the critical areas that require improvement is a pretty basic feature, the sleep monitoring experience.

The company is hoping to improve the sleep monitoring experience by adding a bunch of pretty useful new features to its Fitbit companion app. The companion app is available across platforms, mainly Apple and Android.  The app is compatible with all Fitbit trackers bar the Zip.

The recent Fitbit app update now offers an ability that allows users to setup a new Sleep Schedule. This feature aims to create a more consistent pattern of sleep for Fitbit users. The wearable aims to give its users a good night’s kip with the latest Sleep Schedule feature.  Users who wear their Fitbit fitness trackers to bed will gain increased insight into their sleeping schedules. They will also be able to personalize sleep goals and reminders that are all aimed to develop a consistent bedtime schedule every night.

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By analysing previous sleep data logged, the Sleep Schedule feature will make suggestions on the optimal amount of sleep a user should be getting each night. The feature also offers customised wake-up and bedtime goals. It also includes reminders that will help users stick to their sleep goals.

The latest sleep tracking features have been developed in collaboration with a series of leading sleep experts which include  Allison at Stanford University, Dr. Michael Grandner at the University of Arizona, and Michael Smith at John Hopkins University.

The company claims this is the only app that offers personalised recommendations by looking sleep data, although Jawbone might have something to say about that. It is good to see Fitbit starting to put the tracking data into context to help make positive changes. Fitbit is making software improvements its top priority. The new app UI just rolled out recently and hopefully the more useful features like sleep schedule will just be the start of the many software improvements we see this year.

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