Expect A 5.8-inch ‘iPhone Pro’ With OLED Display And Folded Screens

It was recently revealed that Apple was working on iPhone that would adorn a 5.8-inch OLED display. The rumored or most suitably the suggested name of the iPhone is supposed to be the “Apple iPhone Pro”.  The device will not be hitting the market before 2017.

While the inclusion of the OLED screen has been a pleasant surprise for many, most of the people are also wondering how Apple will be able to pull off such a large screen without making the users uncomfortable. Now, various discussions have suggested that the iPhone will come along with a screen that will wrap around the sides of the unit.


DisplayMate’s Ray Soneira has talked over this wrapping screen issue stating that the use of “folded edge side screens” would eliminate the side bezel on the handset. The wrapped side screens will help the suspicious iPhone users to control the buttons, virtually.

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Apple was also granted permission to the patent filed in 2013 by USPTO, last September. The patent filed was for a curved screen that could make images appear as though they were coming from a continuous loop. Relevant to the screen discussed today, the patent simply points that Apple will make the screen of an iPhone in a cylindrical shape. An all-glass iPhone also could be in Apple’s future, using 3D Touch instead of buttons.


Another patent which was filed by Apple back in 2011 suggests that the company could build an iPhone with square sides and virtual buttons, app icons and all the other device controls. This patented phone will retain side bezels and they won’t be connected to the front display.

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