For brave souls, your Galaxy Note 5 can really look cooler

Sometimes things look not good but superb, when they meet some hand treatment. But who dares to have that treatment with an expensive smartphones like Galaxy Note 5? Yes there are some. And what they got afterword is really cool.

One of such daredevils did the same with a Galaxy Note 5 and came up with snaps posted on the reddit. Most of the Note 5 users will surely not want to follow in reality but there response to the pics as expected. The Note 5 with its back cover removed shows up a cool look and perhaps convinces you to accept it the way it is. Things are looking a bit mechanical with screws, ribbons and other parts showing off.

Still we believe you will not go for it, but it is interesting to look how the dude did it with such a device that is nice even if left covered at all. This will probably require some tricks and use of some tools and what else is required is nothing complicated but some ‘courage’. Right there a heat gun, suction cup and razor blade will enable you to get through.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with removed backpack

Now just hold your nerves, and using the heat gun on device’s backside, heat it up. Now apply suction and you will get the back uncovered. But things are yet to be shown off. As you will find a colored film, peel it using razor blade. Here you go, now you can put back the cover and it will set easily with the help of adhesives on the device.

As we can guess it is not a hard job if you dare doing all these to your beloved device. As we find such guys who like things other ways than most of us. And sometimes they do get things cooler. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.