Fresh Apple Watch Ads are all about Watch apps

The tech industry has news about fresh ads of Apple Watch which particularly represent the apps of, states a report. The promo ads are divided into three portion of 16 seconds video clip, which represent ads of three categories too, like travel, music and fitness.

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The travel ads contains the apps like Uber, Expedia, and Yelp along a watch face utility, on the other hand the music ad portion is comprised with apps like Pacemaker, Shazam and StubHub plus simple eatch face and the last portion of new Apple Watch app ad is associated with apps of fitness such as MLB At Bat, Nike+ and WaterMinder.

Behind any action of such mega companies, there is a strong reason and behind new ads of Apple Watch a reason exists too.

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It is said that CEO of Apple Tim Cook has stated in a report that currently Apple Watch has lost its targeted sale, its sale was on demand after first quarter of its release, even it was on demand and has crossed iPhone and iPad in our records, by the time its demand has declined after the announcement of Apple Watch 2.

The business of Apple Watch was 75.5% worldwide during its second quarter where company had sold near 4 million units, but the post second quarter sale report was not to the mark, which put the Apple authorities in tension.

After this condition, company decided to handle this situation, that’s why Apple stared re-campaigning of Apple Watch with new strategies and policies in which new techniques will be used for attracting people towards Apple Watch.

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It is difficult to predict that the company’s new strategies will work or not, for this purpose we have to wait and watch. According to reports, Apple has manufactured Apple Watch 2, which will be launched soon.

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