Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ leaked

It has not been too long that we came to know about Samsung’s upcoming devices, the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+. Now we have some new leaked images that suggest more about the concept of both expected devices. There are 3G views of both devices published recently that are backed by some reports suggesting the arrival dates and some key specifications of the devices. Here is the report that sounds much official from credible sources.

Samsung is almost ready to announce something new in the market as it has scheduled an event on 13th of August. Though we have the IFA and Apple events that are due months ahead, Samsung’s press event is viewed as an advance step in the market. This might be the time for Samsung to bring some key devices that may stand against the key competitors arriving up next in the market.

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Among two expected devices of Samsung the Galaxy Note 5 comes in the line to the devices of Galaxy Note series. You may get a refreshed device of Note series with some key additions. While the second device is an improvement over the Galaxy S6 edge device. The S6 edge+ brings some increase on the size of the earlier model.

Fresh renders and photos are good in view but still they present a design concept not much different than the older devices. However they seem proving the rumors that have been circulating about the future Galaxy devices.

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There is an interesting lead on the leaked image that might be the release date of the device. On the lock screen of the leaked image we can see the date of August 21 stamped. As we know Samsung is going to make some announcements on a later date, on the stamped date the devices are expected to be in the hands of customers.

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