The Galaxy Note Edge: Samsung’s first smartphone with a bent display

Samsung, the giant of the Smartphone market once again come up with its amazing hardware feature that gives its users a smarter experience in its Galaxy Note Edge with its curved display.

last year’s surprise of the nameless prototype of curved OLED phone by the Korean electronics company has become a reality and breaks the monotonic view of the smartphones which for a long time didn’t seen a marking variation.

The bending right hand edge of the, Galaxy Note Edge, functions as quick notification tool and provides easy access to menus, camera, apps and widgets without switching the main screen. It can also turn into time display. Samsung has programmed to develop more tools and uses for its smart edge to make it more useful and interactive.

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The Note Edge is same in its camera megapixel, processor and memory as the Note 4 but it has some variations in the form of its smaller 5.6-inch Quad HD+ bent display 3.8mm wider and 2.2mm shorter and a smaller battery.

With an attractive and wide screen display, heavy processor and many high-tech features Samsung gives its customers the best what can be packed in a device. The prices were still not announced but it is expected to sell higher than the Note 4. It is also seen as the key competitor being launched against the iPhone 5 and the upcoming iPhone 6.

Galaxy Note Edge, with a metallic body and adoring look, might prove fatigues for many who had a bad experience with the larger screen of Note 3 as the Edge comes with a bigger screen and a right side sharp edge which might not be comfortable in holding especially for the left-handers.

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