Galaxy Note Edge sequel another Edge device in the line

Samsung has introduced its Galaxy S6 Edge as an experimental device with edge sides but its success turned it into a mainstream device. Many found it amazing in its looks and very helpful with a curved edges. This is the only device of its kind giving Samsung a distinctive recognition, something Samsung always loved to have. But now as the rumors are surfacing Samsung is preparing to expend its experiment. Many other devices are reportedly in the development phase with curved edges similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This development may eventually turn the Galaxy S6 Edge into a flagship of a new category of devices.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge : The Double Edge Sword is released

Samsung has also struggled well to meet the growing demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge. For instance it has reportedly opened new factory to reach the market demand. But it is not producing more Galaxy S6 Edge devices only. As if this expansion happened it would probably opened ways for the similar devices and eventually testifying the emerging reports.


However, the successor of Galaxy Note Edge is reportedly the upcoming Samsung launch. It is also expected to be the mirror device of the Galaxy Note 5. Not only the hardware configuration but also the key features of curved edge is also expected to be present. Thus keep your eyes open till the IFA this year for not any ground breaking news but for good development in the line of edge devices.

Currently the glitter in the market is sourced from the unique-ness and the innovation of the new edge concept of the Galaxy S6 Edge. This might fade away if similar devices are present as well. But the latest trends set by Samsung suggest, that the company may not be hesitated in rushing the market with edge devices and making it a common concept for the big screen smartphones.

The smartphone market also looks ready to make another adaptation from Samsung. And the Edge concept is not only bringing financial benefits for Samsung but also whitening the label of copying iPhone in its design.

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