Galaxy S7 crowned Best Smartphone Ever by Consumer Report

Galaxy S7Even if you are not a big fan of Samsung’s smartphones and other products, you would have to be an extremely passionate hater to not admit the brilliance of the latest Galaxy S7 flagship duo. The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are one of the best Android smartphones available on the market today. They have set the bar very high for other Android smartphone manufacturers in terms of performance and design. Recently, the smartphones have been declared the  best smartphones of all time in Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports has been considered a reputable source of objective and honest reviews for a long time. Their reviews deliver in-depth coverage of electrical appliances and their features. The magazine has highly praised the Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship. Consumer Reports has also given Samsung credit for good battery life and camera performance.

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The Galaxy S6, on the other hand, wasn’t praised as much by the magazine. The magazine reviewers had preferred Galaxy S5 to Galaxy S6. Last year LG G4 was held in higher regard. The LG G5 is yet to be released so it’s possible that the Galaxy S7 duo might be dethroned.dfsdfsd

It is understandable why Galaxy has been crowned the best smartphone of all time by Consumer Reports. The S7 has stunning design and brilliant performance without a flaw in sight. It came out as the biggest winner of current smartphones with only Apple’s iPhone standing as an equal. One thing is for sure if companies like HTC, Huawei, and LG want to take over the title they will have to bring in their A game.

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Galaxy S7
The crowning of the S7 as the best smartphone is highly beneficial and a great news for even those few who don’t want to claim the phone as such. This ensures that the rivals will not get complacent, and will have to work hard to bring their perfect cards to the table, which means we will probably get to see more amazing flagship phones all year round; apart from the Galaxy S7 duo.

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