Galaxy S7 Edge renders on Samsung patent show a trapezoid phone

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge exists either in rumor mills or in those creative minds thinking about its looks and feels. But, can we get a concept on charts right now to judge it before it gets materialized? This is the question some of designers are busy answering these days. And from the same, we got some fresh renders that are claimed to be of Galaxy S7 edge. Let’s check them out.

It is nice to dream of designing smartphones that have not arrived yet. Almost of designers are expected to carry out own attempts. But in real results they are hardly representing something like originals. So, do we have any concept charted out which we should take seriously?

The renders that we got are from designers with a degree of credibility in device modelling. The renders named to be of Galaxy S7 edge are built over the Samsung design patent that was recently unearthed. They provide a nice look but it is not to be accepted wholeheartedly as the Galaxy S7 edge. But they may help out as a glimpse of the features device.

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The more interesting part of the renders is that it looks like the designers have been trying out a trapezoid phone. However a trapezoid phone is not entirely irrelevant as we have got devices like Ubuntu Edge discussed in various circles. But like the Ubuntu Edge that was just a show off the Galaxy S7 edge is also hard to be accepted as being a trapezoid one.

In short the renders are not bad in looks but the modification of the Samsung design patent seems not working this time. The new concepts as they came out of the renders can invoke some discussions. But to have a real feel of the Galaxy S7 edge we might have to wait for too long from now.

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