Galaxy S7 edge: Exynos 8890 vs Snapdragon 820

The Galaxy S7 duo has taken the smartphone market by a storm. The sets were highly anticipated and awaited for, and now that they are out, they haven’t disappointed us in performance or design. Both smartphones are incredibly fast. They run smoothly and flawlessly despite the heavy duty QHD panels. The smartphones run on Exynos 8890 along with 4GB of RAM.

However, in the United States the Galaxy S7 duo runs on the Snapdragon 820 SoC, a decision that has sparked some controversy. This year Samsung has decided to put some faith in Qualcomm. Despite the fact, that many devices that were running Snapdragon 810, had encountered several issues last year.

To differentiate between the international model (Exynos 8890) and the US one (Snapdragon 820) , David Rahimi put the two smartphones in a identical speed test. To determine which Galaxy S7 is faster, the two smartphones are put through the same app-cycle. The test consists of fourteen diversified apps. It is composed of normal utilities, photo editing, video exporting, games and also a little web browsing. The test is run twice, to show how the RAM is managed and to detect application opening and read/write speeds. Each lap of the identical speed test is compared and measured.

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Galaxy S7

The result of the speed test is surprising. The speed difference is staggeringly large between the two smartphones. The conclusion of the test yields Exynos 8890 better than its counterpart. The processor is noticeably faster than the Snapdragon 820. Exynos also handles the background processes better.

The international model breezed through the whole speed test. It ended up being 24% faster than Snapdragon. It could be possible that an unwanted background process, is slowing down the US AT&T model’s processor. The two chips are on equal terms considering hardware, and in some areas Snapdragon has the edge over Exynos. That means, that better software optimization is probably the reason why the Exynos performed better than its counterpart.
The video of the lap test is located below, feel free to check it out.

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