Caution! Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Home Buttons Get Scratched Easily

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have been out for awhile now and there have been a lot of praises regarding the smartphone duo. But, as it turns out the popular Samsung Galaxy devices have faults of their own, small as they might be. The Galaxy S7 duo’s physical home buttons are prone to damage. They get easily scratched, even when the entire body of the Galaxy devices remains unblemished. Posts on online forums like Reddit also reveal that many S7 users are experiencing this issue. Some users have also reported receiving the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with scratched home buttons right out of the box.

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By the looks of it, Samsung has neglected to make the home button durable. It looks like the material that the company has used to cover the home button / fingerprint scanner isn’t strong enough to withstand ordinary contacts with surfaces without sustaining damage.

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It’s definitely not the same as the one used for the smartphone’s bodies. This might seem like a trivial issue but it isn’t, because the home button effects the look of the whole device. Even though the remaining device remains unscratched the home button decreases its premium look and appeal.

A few other Samsung devices with fingerprint sensors also seem to have scratches on their home buttons, irrespective of color.On the other hand, other brands’ fingerprint sensors like Apple, HTC, LG , and Huawei  don’t seem to be experiencing this issue.

All of their fingerprint sensor buttons are durable and scratch resistant. Apple’s iPhones scanners also have a glass like the cover on the button but it is damage free and scratch resistant. This is because they have used a more durable material for the button.It looks like the issue with easily scratchable fingerprint sensors is isolated to Samsung Galaxy devices.

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