Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 Pre-orders reaches 10 Million in China!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Series'

Samsung has finally managed to place itself into the vortex of Smartphone world with the Galaxy S7 duo. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, since the day they have been released, have become the eye-candy of the public and critics. Nonetheless, there are haphazard and setbacks with the devices too, but they manage to promise us an amazing Smartphone experience, at least in terms of Galaxy S7 Pre-orders reports.

The latest flagship duo has managed to outsell all the other predecessors’ and industry leaders with a good margin. The devices are performing great in the global market and sales sector. As per the recent research conducted by SamMobile China, the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge are on their way to cross more than a mark of 10 million pre-orders in the People’s Republic of China. No matter how big the figure is, the news isn’t shocking at all! We had already guessed the record-breaking sales worldwide after even the initial reviews.

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Galaxy S7 pre-orders in china

China’s pre-orders for the Samsung latest duo have begun by the 11th of March. There are eight different retail sources through which customers in China can get their hands on the devices. As per the statistics about over 6.35 million units of the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge has been pre-ordered solely by the customers from one is considered as the most or one of the biggest online retailers in China.

Another big name, Suning, is counting over 1.3 million Galaxy S7 pre-orders, while, the other major retailers like Gome and Lynx are already out of the pre-order stock. Seeing the situation, we can already assume that the reports are true and China will pretty much rock the pre-order mark of 10 million units. Moreover, the pre-orders are scheduled to close on March 18th. Famous assumptions are that, till then, 15million Samsung’s flagships will be roaming around the country.

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