Get Lumia Camera app on Non-Lumia Windows Phones

Lumia camera app is among the key fields of attraction for the Microsoft Lumia devices in the smartphone market. This is the very same reason that Microsoft has now decided to bring the Lumia camera app beyond the Lumia devices. Thus for now all those users having device with Windows Phone version 8.1 other than Lumia brand can look for it.

The Lumia camera app is all there to download and install on non-Lumia phones. It is tested on some of the non-Lumia Windows phone device with appreciating results. However you may miss some of the features of the Lumia camera on latest devices. The version available for download on the Windows Phone 8.1 devices is the previous 4.x version while the Lumia devices are running on v 5x.

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The older version of Lumia camera misses some of the good features including the Rich Capture. The feature is counted among the best with facility of HDR, dynamic flash and exposure with others. It is kept for the fresh device as many of the older models of Lumia also lack the feature. With the Best capture you can not only capture but also edit the pictures directly to set best level of exposure.

Lumia Camera app v5 is now available

But it is not a matter of disappointment anyway the 4.x version of the Lumia camera is still powerful to entertain you at the best. The features included in the version of Lumia camera include the manual control at image details including brightness, white balance, focus and shutter speed. You can set various parameters according to conditions or let things on the auto mode of Lumia camera app.

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Current move is appreciated by non-Lumia device users and also sought to get improved with the arrival of Windows Phone 10. The upgraded version of the Windows Phone will bring the Lumia camera app with all features and best performance, as promised by its maker. You can download it at Microsoft Store.

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