Get Microsoft Lumia 640 just $39 at MetroPCS

Microsoft devices hold a good record regarding their low prices. These low prices by Microsoft are well supported by various rebate options. The various attractive deals not only reduce the prices farther but also bring Microsoft device at the lowest spot.

As we have discussed earlier, a magnificent downfall was witnessed in the prices of Microsoft Lumia 640. The devices were tagged at $130 at T-mobile which equals a price of $5.41 a month calculated according to contractual prices. These prices are really good over the already low prices of the device but there are some more attractive options for you.

It is again about the T-Mobile but this time it goes to the pre paid subsidiary to give you more reduction in prices. The MetroPCS is set to receive the device very soon and leaks getting out confirming a date for Lumia 640. Currently the internal memo leaked out shows the device to be available next one or two days.

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Following the leaks regarding the arrival of the device at the MetroPCS there are some other leads which suggest reduced prices. According to a leaked internal memo the initial price tag on the Lumia 640 is set at $129. But this price comes down at just $39 after an instant rebate of $90. Just look at the final price at $39 the device you will carry against this prices is not less than a lottery therefore just enlist you and have one as soon it gets to the shelves.

Let’s have a brief look at the key specs of the Lumia 640 which you are going to have at $39 after rebate. It comes with a display of 5-inch and Snapdragon 400 inside. With a quad-core CPU at 1.2GHz you will get 1GB of RAM and 8GB of expandable storage. These all will give you a nice performance with Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Denim update. You can read full Microsoft Lumia 640 specs as well.

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