Get Motorola 3rd generation smartphones on July 28

Get Motorola 3rd generation smartphones on July 28, 2015, right after few days, claims a report.

A report which states that Motorola has officially announced about an event which will be held at July 28, in which it will introduce about its 3rd generation smartphone which are Moto G and Moto X including their versions.

Yet there is no any official press release about the detail of Motorola 3rd generation smartphones, but there thanks to the smartphone experts which use their guessing power and predict the specification of every upcoming smartphone in Smartphone Industry.

On the basis of predictions, it is said that Motorola 3rd generation smartphones might own RAM of 1 gigabyte or 2, the capacity of internal storage might be 8 gigabyte or 16, the processor might be Snapdragon 410 or 610, its screen might be of 1080 pixels along with feature high definition.

There are predictions about the two versions of 3rd generation Moto G. The smartphone experts believe that Motorola will launch two versions of 3rd generation Moto G, and there is published news regarding this claim in Zauba which is an Indian Import-Export database, it confirms that there are two versions of 3rd generation of Moto.

The Zauba also claims that both the versions are of mid range, and there are feature in them according to their range, but it discussed few key features of the both versions in which it is said that between the both versions one owns a RAM of 1 GB and internal memory of 8 GB and second has a RAM of 2 GB and internal memory of 16 GB.

The features of the both versions of 3rd generations Moto G smartphone are exactly according to their range, which definitely has a power of appeal for their purchasers.

Despite this all certain information about the specification of 3rd generation smartphones will be unveiled on the day of theirs introductory occasion, where official detail about their features will be released.

Yet there is no any news about their prices, neither official nor predictive, but there are expectations that the prices of 3rd generation smartphones along their mid range versions will be as affordable which make their access to everyone.

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