Get OnePlus 2 at Experience Store on 8th August

OnePlus launched its newest smartphone, OnePlus 2, yesterday on July 27 but it will be available for purchase at the store of OnePlus, Experience Store, on August 8, 2015, states a report.

After the establishment of OnePlus’ Experience Store, it was available for selling tools of its own smartphones and it was a center of guidance for new smartphone users.

OnePlus 2 is one of the best smartphones in Smartphone Industry, as has reported its readers about its obtained high scores on AnTuTu which were 63,700 scores, it was measured as highest scores as compared other smmartphones.

There is certain news of a successor of OnePlus 2 which was reported by Tenaa, according to that report its successor owns a screen of 5.5 inches along with 1440×2560 resolution of high display, a Snapdragon 810 SoC processor and RAM of 4 gigabyte. It was also found at a test by GFXBench benchmark along a model number A20003.

One more variant of OnePlus 2 has been seen in one of the promo videos of AnTuTu, showing its one more variant whose model number is A2001, which owns a display of 1080×1920 resolution.

OnePlus 2 is a smartphone of high-end which own features of high quality which made it very popular in Smartphone Industry, among those key feature which divert the attention of people towards it, are its RAM, processor, capacity of internal storage, display, physical look, megapixels of primary and secondary camera and long lasting battery.

The above mentioned key features are scoring points of any smartphone which make it on demand worldwide.

The primary camera of of OnePlus 2 is of 13 megapixels which is capable of capturing images of high resolution, its RAM is of 4 gigabyte and uses Snapdragon 810 processor.

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