Get OnePlus 2 without invite, OnePlus X goes invite-free for limited time

OnePlus 2 is invite free forever now
OnePlus remains among the key names in the emerging smartphone market that got an impressive track record. The devices bringing a working arrangement of specs and features have made their own class of users in the low and mid range markets, with a promising career in the high-end markets.

Those who have lined up to purchase OnePlus One were irked by its invitations procedure. Same was the case with the OnePlus 2, following the invite system many might have turned away their plans to get the device. If you also stand among such users, or want to get a device anyways but have no invites, here is good news. OnePlus has just started ruling out the OnePlus 2 without invitation.

Following the development the OnePlus 2 is now placed for sale on the site for just a simple order placement without any invites forever. You can simply go to company website and place your order and given a time you will probably get your device shipped to you in a given time frame. This is just the way you get any other device. OnePlus might be in a bid to try out the potentials of its new device after removing purchase restrictions.

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OnePlus X display is crispy

However the plan seems not a permanent company policy for the OnePlus X as it is announced for a limited time. You can place your order for OnePlus X without invite from December 5 to 7. Though many may want the package extended, right now you can find it just a holiday sales package as it comes to be.

The package also includes some other deals at the same time to make it an extended offer. Meanwhile you can also get OnePlus 2 Style-Swap Cover in half prices. There are also some selected accessories that are offered at 90% off prices while all other accessories are offered at 10% off prices. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.