Galaxy TabPro S infographic explains the specifications

Expending its portfolio Samsung has introduced the Galaxy TabPro S at the CES 2016 to contest the key player in the relative market. The Windows 10 running Galaxy TabPro S comes with a number of key features on board that show Samsung’s best efforts to offer against Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and Apple’s iPad Pro.

The story is still fresh, but Samsung has taken a step forward explaining the competitive areas of the Galaxy TabPro S to the customers. For this Samsung has released an infographic to portray the distinctive features of the Galaxy TabPro S. The infographic shows the TabPro S as a tablet, PC duo with slim design and high battery and processing performance.

As promoted in the infographic Samsung has made the Galaxy TabPro S well-equipped both in external looks and internally futures. With the 12inch Super AMOLED panel it is quite large and features impressive display with resolution of 2160x1440pixels. Under the hood it carries a 14nm Core M Chipset with 4GB RAM that is enough to run high productivity features.

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Though with these specs it is not going to cross the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 but these specs place it at the better position against both of them. Considering the initial review, the Galaxy TabPro S is said to be more productive than the iPad Pro. However, it is yet to prove itself against the productivity features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

The infographic seems a good move by Samsung as the hype is yet to settle down following the CES 2016. The Korean giant seems determined enough to secure a position for the Galaxy TabPro S against the both competitors. The Galaxy TabPro S is yet to show off its real competitive powers with productivity features but following the infographic we can expect a good performance out of it.

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