Google Chrome for mobile saves data usage by up to 70 percent now

Google have been working diligently to improve the experience with its much poplar Chrome browser. Since its launch, Chrome has gone through a number of improvements which had made it stand high among the competing browsers. But this time Google seems to have made a substantial step as its new tool save data consumption up to 70% on using Chrome on Mobile.

Many techniques are impressively used by Google to bring down the data consumption on its Chrome browser. For the larger part, the new Data Saver tool on the Chrome blocks images when web pages start loading. Images being key data consuming content can make pages load slower. However after initial fast load Google allows users to view images if they want.

The new data saving technique used by Google is quite important for its users on smartphones. First thing that makes data saving by blocking images important, is the issue with weak signals or busy networks. After blocking the images you can have your desired web page loaded faster and if you later want to view images you can view after turning it on.

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Also if you are on a limited data plan and don’t want to miss web pages due to heavy images, new Chrome browser solves it for you. Though many browsers already allow users to turn off loading images but this somehow makes the pages look bad. Google shows the Chrome loading web pages in standard form even without loading images.

The data saving tool for Chrome is set to release in a limited range. At first place the feature will be available in Indian and Indonesian markets while other countries are also expected to get the feature soon. For new users of Chrome the feature is quite handy to use, you can enable data saver by opening up the advance settings, in settings on your browser menu of your phone.

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