Google I/O 2015: what happened on Day 1

Android lovers have their eyes set on the Google I/O 2015 event by Google. The annual event brings many amusements for the all Android lovers including the customers as well as the developers. And the most of the event is dedicated to the developers as many of the new arrivals are announced by Google. During the show Google unveils many amazing tools for the developers to bring some nice and useful apps for the Android users. Here are some of the key gifts by the Google on the Developers’ event.

Android M Developer Preview

Android M Developer Preview

Android M is no doubt the lead announcement of the show. There have been many rumors around for some time and all the Android fans have been waiting for the developers preview to get some leads. Google has focused on improved battery by introducing deep sleep function. The Android M is also going to include fingerprint support, improved app linking and its Chrome browser to replace the generic browser.

More App Tools and improved App Permissions in Android M

Android M comes with it own way of dealing with app permissions. Unlike the current Android versions where app permissions are set at install, the Android M will allow the users to set them whenever required. As we mentioned, Google is introducing many new tools to help out the Android developers. New tools provide the developers testing tools for testing descriptions, improved advertising controls along with some tools.

Become Android developer with Nanodegree

Google is working to give anyone chance to be an Android developer. In this regard, the company has published the Nanodegree to support anyone who wants to learn the Android. The Nanodegree on Udacity is available for all to complete the course.

Android TV

Apart from the Android M and smartphone related news, Google also extended its concept to Android TV. The NAVIDIA Shield unveiled during the event is set to give you the best of an Android TV with all amazing features of Android never seen before.

Android Pay

Android PAy announced at Google IO

Google has finally decided to improve the Google Wallet, and introducing the Android Pay service. In Google Wallet, one had very limited features but the Android Pay will be a framework, in partnership with different banks, letting the end users to customize their needs and requirements

Google Now on Tap

Google Now will be more improved in Android M and will come with a feature ‘Now on Tap’ to load it with a tap. Google Now will become a real-time assistant of yours with the ‘Now on Tap’ for example you will be able to get the details of the event which your friend just sent you, or you will be able to see more rich images for a particular thing you were looking without searching it.

These are some highlights of the Google I/O Day 1. Google also introduced enhancements in Google Cardboard and Jump cameras, Project Brillo or the internet of things and more tools for the developers. We will discuss each of these in details shortly with you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.