Google progresses in the field of IoT with Chrome 49 for Android

Google was earlier reported for its Internet of Things approach that will enable things around to communicate with nearby smartphones over Bluetooth. The approach also involved placing Bluetooth beacons in the world to communicate with other nearby devices for multiple purpose. Now fresh reports suggest, the next Chrome 49 for Android will be enabled to read and interact with such Bluetooth beacons.

The Chrome 49 which is right now in beta stage will be able to detect nearby smart beacons and notify its users about presence of any helpful device around. With the fresh development in IoT, Google has also announced a research pilot that will help furthering the researchers working on IoT.

Google seems to have planned to expend its users base for the beacon technology by including it on the Chrome 49 for Android which will bring more users in contact to its useful technology. The beacon technology was announced by Google last year with the Chrome for iOS.

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The beacon tech dubbed as Eddystone connects with nearby devices to bring them into what Google calls the Physical Web. If you pass by a beacon you will get a notification asking if you want to enable the Physical Web or not. After turning the service on you get notifications about the nearby beacons.

chrome eddystone

Google has also released a demonstrations of the beacon technology on a vending machine. The vending machine in the demo offers the passersby the ability to win sweets. The Eddystone beacons are already in working in various showrooms and sport arenas. The beacon in the showrooms and sports arenas are used to help in navigation.

Google is also taking proposals from universal IoT researchers to improve the scope of IoT devices.  Besides the Eddystone Google also have the Nearby API, Brillo, Weave and other applications of the IoT for consideration.

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