Google likely to launch LG Nexus 5X on Sep. 29 with $399 tag

As we have reported yesterday, Google is going to announce its new smartphone in the end of September. The company is for the first time expected to launch two of its next generation Nexus devices together the LGĀ Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 8. As we know a grand event is up on the schedule for September 29 where we will be able to see the new Nexus device officially unveiling.

Among the due which is expected to be parted with LG and Huawei the LG model is reported with a 5.2 inch. Here we will discuss some fresh reports about the next generation Nexus from LG which is being named as Nexus 5X.

LG Nexus 5x

The last Nexus that we have in our hands is the Motorola branded Nexus 6. It was made with a lot of additions and respectively high prices. It has topped the Nexus 5 that was launched in 2013 with a price tag of $649. This was no doubt a bid by Google to go farther in the high end market. But it is not going to be the case with next generation Nexus smartphones, fresh reports suggest us so.

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As per the details from credible sources, the upcoming LG Nexus will be named as Nexus 5X. These suggest an upgrade over the Nexus 5 which is likely to be true. But the most interesting part lies in prices. The Nexus 5X is reported to arrive in affordable range with prices at $399. If it comes true, we can expect prices tag of $449 for the high storage model of the Nexus 5X.

The device is thus reported to arrive with the traditional design expertise of LG. We may welcome the Nexus 5X in three colorful outlooks. In addition to traditional black and white we can expect a light black version. Yet it is all about the LG made Nexus, for the Huawei version we need to wait a little.

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