Google Nexus 5X available for sale now. Battery life test results are satisfactory

Google has finally started selling its Nexus 5X its store where you can get it right now. The Nexus 5X comes to be the regular sized Nexus device that was expected but missed last year. Besides the Google stores it is also going to make appearance on selected stores in the US, Canada, UK and some other key markets.

Over the much popular Nexus 5 the new Nexus 5X comes with some serious upgrades inside and on its build as well. There are many areas on the Nexus 5X to note the upgrades. Starting from the 5.2inch display it carries a Snapdragon 808 SoC under the hood and 12megapixel camera on back. Alongside there you will find USB-C port to comply with latest technology and an improved fingerprint scanner. But, what about battery life on the Nexus 5X? Here we find.

It is again a non-removable battery on the Nexus 5X that comes with 2700mAh to charge your device. Putting the Nexus 5X on a custom battery test we set some active perimeters and compare it with some key devices in the line. Following the custom test we came to observe the Nexus 5X performing average with 6 hours and 25 minutes life after charged once.

To check out its max level of battery performance the device was put against others on active usage. For instance, its brightness was kept as per comfortable indoor use of 200nits while the screen was kept on during the test. The results that show 6hours and 25minutes are good on average level.

Google Nexus 5X Battery life comparison with other devices

This is however improved when while used in accordance to the settings on its OS. As we know the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow on board give it some nice battery saving with its Doze feature. Thus while using on regular settings and additional features it can give improved results.

According to the details, Google Nexus 5X will be available for different prices in different regions. In US the prices are quite affordable and you can get a 16GB Nexus 5x for just $380 and the 32GB model for $430. Whereas in Europe and other parts of the world, prices will be higher.

LG plans to bring Nexus 5X in different markets in the coming weeks including Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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