Google Nexus 5X has camera mounted in reverse landscape fashion

Nexus 5X was introduced with an 8 megapixel camera that with other features is something worth praising. But with recent Nexus 5X devices many things seems not going well. A lot of issues were observed with third party apps that are used to capture snaps. Such apps showed images upside down that look really bizarre. Both the captured images and previews are upside down thus making it hard for you to use these apps conveniently.

Our first assessment of the issue shows that both hardware and software of the Nexus 5X are blamed for the upside down images. However, following the first reviews it is being widely suggested to be the incompatibility to the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates. Many app developers might have not made the apps up to the level to comply with Marshmallow updates.

A post on Reddit gives us a detailed understanding of the issues being reported by various users at the same time. A thread shows that it came out because of the unusual camera mounting on the Nexus 5X. Getting into the hardware arrangements of the device it is found mounted in reverse landscape manner which is not common. However this is because of manufacturing reasons and the software are expected to work accordingly.

An image taken from Nexus 5X with older camera API

It turns to be problematic when apps fail to work the way changes are placed. This is the case with the camera API of old apps that is not user friendly enough. And thus it comes with a default preview mode and asks to set preview rotation. Therefore in many apps the default view makes results upside down.

New camera API is more users friendly and rotates perfectly according to device’s position. Thus in such case the placement of camera lens doesn’t matter in final results. We may get some of these apps updated for more friendly results, thus solving the issue.

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