Google Nexus 6P unboxing Video shows a powerful phone inside

The Nexus 5X got an impressive response by smartphone users for many reasons. These include its vanilla Android experience alongside its price tag of $379. But for those who prepare performance over savings than Google brings a nice addition into the Nexus family. The Nexus 6P with metallic design and impressive specifications came to be a key addition so far. Here we have the Nexus 6P unboxing video, let’s see what comes out of it.

As its performance remains inside, the packaging looks same that we have found with other Nexus devices. The rectangular package with a render image on back and P mark on front comes with same rounded corners. In a rough look you may confuse at as being another usual Nexus device, but things are not same inside. However you may not ignore the glittering outer feel on its box.

As you get into it after opening up front of the packaging what you find the first are some quick manuals. First the quick start guide is there with images to show handsets key areas. Some like to have a look into manual, underneath the compartment carries the Nexus 6P. In addition you can find the charging components including its main charger with two cables.

Looking at the cables, it includes one to connect with two USB-type C ports while another one to connect with a USB Type-C to USB Type-A. As many of us still encounter standard USB ports with usual chargers it may work out on several occasions. Thus with multiple connecters it lets you use conventional parts which are not yet obsolete.
With conventional charging its cords also allow you to transfer data easily from your device to PC. As we mentioned at first its prices are higher at $499 but considering the specs and design of Nexus 6P you will not think of it being too costly.

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