Google officially launches Android Pay

It was not much quick but not too late, Google finally made its mobile payment service the Android Pay official.  The arrival of Android Pay followed the launch of Google Wallet to support the service. Though it has been in discussion since February this year but Google let just a few details out. Thus the timely arrival of service made it surprising for Android users.

Want to use Android Pay? Here is How to guide

We had many rumors and links that were pointing out toward an expected arrival of Android Pay. Some reports have rumors launch dates in late August but it took a little longer. Also we have seen some developments which were suggesting an expected Android Pay.

Android Pay is secure and keeps your information secure

The launch of Google Wallet was widely sought to be in line with Android Pay. Also in the Google Play 8.1 payment options were included which were useless without Android Pay. These certain developments not only suggested the expected arrival of Android Pay but also they created an environment. Thus now as we have the Pay right on our devices there is much of it.

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As we have earlier reported Google has prepared well for mobile payment services. It has already taken on-board key carriers and stores where its users can avail the Android Pay services. For the US Google has planned to install the service at around one million spots. Thus you will feel no trouble while using the mobile payment service on the go, for which it is meant to.

pAY easilly in stores using Android Pay

Android Pay can also integrate your various cards and can work with variety of services for more user friendly services. However you need the latest connectivity to avail the service. As we have seen in the Google Wallet your device must be NFC enabled to operate with Android Pay. Finally joining all the points we get a nice and useful service added into Android world.

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