Google Photos, your unlimited photo, video storage

Google brings another addition in its many useful services to expend the scope of its branded services. This time Google focuses on image and video backup. The newly created service ‘Google Photos’ keeps a backup of all your media which will be available online for download and edit. Like Google’s other key services it is made as an independent service which can be downloaded on iOS and Android and you can also access from web.

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With Google Photos now you keep your photos and videos across the devices that include your phone, computer etc. Along with backup it also takes care of both size and quality of your photos and videos simultaneously.

google photos launched

Google Photos synchronizes with your devices to save your photos and video which you can access from your phone or computer. Along with backup service the app also offers some capabilities which make it slightly different from rest of the similar apps.

The app keeps your photos and videos with their original quality alongside the compression. For instance, your photos having up to 16 megapixels resolution and high definition videos having 1080 pixels can be saved on the Google Photos. The app keeps the compressed files but still you can access them with quality.

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Google Photos app also provides a useful feature of automatically grouping your photos. Your photos are arranged automatically according to their type as places, people and things. Therefore, on Google Photos you don’t need to check your photos individually and tag them as this is done by the app itself through auto grouping. You can also view your photos and videos with a monthly or yearly selection.

Google is also working to extend the options on the app so that you may feel easier working with your data on the app. you can also use gestures to operate the app in an interesting and handy way. You can also share photos with your family and friends with its many options. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.