Google releases Android Studio 1.0

Android Studio 1.0 is a Java based IDE and will replace Eclipse

Google on Monday released Android Studio 1.0, the first stable version of its integrated Development Environment (IDE) aimed at Android developers. Google has worked two-year on the development of Android Studio 1.0, as Google first announced of making Android Studio 1.0 at Google I/O Developer conference in May 2013. Android Studio 1.0 is the first stable version of IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Android developers and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux PCs.


Android Studio 8.1 is built on the Java-based IntelliJ IDE Community Edition by JetBrains and aims to provide all-in-one development experience that is faster and smoother than existing options. The Android Studio 1.0 includes features such as an intelligent code editor, GitHub integration, code templates, virtual devices for all different shapes and sizes, app dependencies management with Maven and more.

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We can say that Android Studio 1.0 would be the replacement of Eclipse because at the time of announcing of Android Studio 1.0 in May 2013 Google had promised that Android Studio would make developers “faster and more productive” and called it a replacement for Eclipse. In fact, the company had a list of migration steps just for Eclipse users. Android Studio is an official IDE for Android development, and is a full replacement for Eclipse, just like Xcode is for iOS and Mac development and Visual Studio are for Windows development.


Android Studio 8.1 allows devs to preview and edit layouts through differing screen sizes, languages and API versions. Android Studio 8.1 also includes a bunch of templates, should make it much easier for new developers to get started.

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According to Google, Android Studio 8.1 contains a Gradle-based build system which provides provides a lot of flexibility as well as the ability to build from within and outside of the IDE. Android Studio 8.1 also contains Key features include build variant support to better handle different build types (debug vs. release) or different versions of the same app (paid vs. free), multi-APKs handling through splits, multi-dex support, and dependency management for third-party libraries.

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